Diane Denmead

Diane Denmead.

My aunt.

My mother's sister-in-law.

After not letting Mom know that her husband, my mother's brother--Harrell Denmead--had died for a year, following years of silence and not permitting my cousins, her two sons Denny and Dean, any contact with any of us since they were pre-teens, wrote my dying mother a note sharing her regret that they, ".....were not friends," tearing my dying mom up for days.

Fuck you, Diane.

Fuck your snobbishness.

Fuck your cruelty.

Fuck your love of money.

You are not worthy of one moment of Mom's attention.

Fuck you, Diane, for making my mother cry trying to figure out what she did to make you treat her so badly since you met.

Fuck you for making her revisit every shitty Diane-related moment when she has so few moments remaining.

Fuck you for managing to estrange my mom from her brother.

Just fuck you.

I'm not as kind or forgiving as my mother.

You are not worthy to clean the bottoms of her shoes.



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In Situ 2010

In Situ 2010
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PT Cruiser/FilmTools Upright Proof of Concept

It fits.


Making Plans

Making Plans
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FS: Four Audio Limited 2020 RX / Envoy TX + Quad Box

* 4 Audio Limited 2020 RX
* 4 Envoy TX
* 1 Quad Box
* 2 dipole antennae
* 1 yagi antenna
* 2 remote control units
* 4 lemo - XLR3M

944.05-951.85 frequency range.
Wee bit of repairable damage to quad box.
TX #5 acted weird when I fired it up last week.
Some extra whip antennae go with.
All were brought to spec fall 2008 by Vark.
Serial #'s on request.
$10K OBO

Once this is sold, I will offer separately:

* 2 x lemo - XLR3F 12V power cables @ $50 each
* 3 x lemo - XLR3F 48V power cables @ $300 each
* Bunch of COS-11's @ $150 each
* Bunch of Trim/Tram @ $100 each
* White B-6 @ $150

Can't believe I'm walking away from Audio Limited. Have used their gear for nearly 20 years.

FS: Fostex PD-6/EX-12 | $4K OBO.

Everything in good working order.

Serial #'s on request.

Optional 'Sound Department' engraved sign.

Upgrade in process, so I'm highly motivated to sell.


FS: Lacie DVD/CD Burner - make an offer

FS: Lacie DVD R/RW Drive - make an offer


FS: PSC PowerMax

DC power distribution from AC and/or one or two external SLA batteries.

6 x 4-pin XLRF outputs.
2 x 4-pin XLRM inputs

Variable DC output based upon wiring. 6V, 12V, 18V possible.

$200 OBO.

As is. Modified with 4 holes drilled into bottom plate for mounting under a shelf. Operating manual here: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CBkQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.professionalsound.com%2Fmanuals%2FPwrmaxmanual.pdf&ei=HAD4S832OIT68AbS_9GgDA&usg=AFQjCNFFpIc0Vw_vXBP0TIFR1YVj-vitLw&sig2=YHjF2AmNhk3xpYyYNL_C5g

8 Comtek MRC-82 Receivers + 2 Comtek M-72 Transmitters

8 Comtek MRC-82 receivers + 2 Comtek M-72 transmitters, includes antennae, 6 cables and numbered cases.

As is. They were working last time I used them a year ago except a couple of the on/off and battery indicator lights are funky, and one on/off toggle is wonky, but eventually turns on.

$200 OBO for $3K worth of wireless listening pleasure.
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)